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Cadastre, Land Administration and Management

  • Land and Marine Registration of Rights, Responsibility and Restrictions
  • Digital Cadastres – 3D, ePlan, visualisation
  • Strata, subterranean and airspace.
  • Cadastre 2034
  • Privatisation of Land Titles and Registry’s Offices
  • Geospatial Information Management

Emerging Technologies, Platforms and Sensors

  • Artificial Intelligence, Machine learning
  • Augmented & Virtual Reality and Visualisation
  • Drones, UAV,
  • LiDAR and Scanning
  • Platforms and Software
  • Space technology
  • Internet of Things (IOT) and Sensors

Capacity Building for the Future

  • Diversity in the workforce – gender, age and culture
  • STEM, education, qualification and certification.
  • Mutual recognition (MRA)
  • Continuing Professional Development (CPD)
  • Ethics and standards
  • Business opportunity development
  • Contracts, Intellectual Property (IP) and Copyright.

Integrated Digital Delivery of the Built and Natural Environment

  • Building Information Modelling (BIM)
  • Smart Cities
  • Digital Twin
  • Underground and Subsurface Infrastructure
  • Digital Construction and Machine Control
  • Asset Management

Disaster Risk Management and Climate Change

  • Impacts of sea level rise.
  • Earthquake Monitoring and Management.
  • Bushfire management.
  • Emergency management, before, during and after
  • Technical case studies
  • Remote Sensing, Earth Observation

Positioning Infrastructure, Systems and Applications

  • Datum and reference frames
  • Vertical (height) reference surfaces and systems
  • Location Based Services and Intelligence
  • Global Navigation and Satellite Systems (GNSS)
  • Satellite Based Augmented Systems (SBAS)
  • Earth Sciences, Observation and Monitoring
  • 3D Maps and Navigation
  • Autonomous Vehicles

Fellow colleagues,

The Congress will be held at the Darwin Convention Centre from 15 to 18 August 2019 and welcomes all Surveying and Geospatial Professionals in Asia and the Pacific Region.

The theme of SEASC 2019 Darwin is “Collaboration, Communication and Capacity Building”.

It should be noted that the term surveyor has traditionally been used in association with the SE Asian conference series but the term is used by SSSI and ASEAN Flag nations in line with the broad FIG definition, which states – “a professional person with the academic qualifications and technical expertise to conduct one, or more, of the following activities;

  • To determine, measure and represent land, three-dimensional objects, point – fields and trajectories;
  • To assemble and interpret land and geographically related information,
  • To use that information for the planning and efficient administration of the land, the sea and any structures thereon; and,
  • To conduct research into the above practices and to develop them.”

The Congress purpose is to elevate Australia’s and ASEAN Flag nations’ leadership and profile in the region. It will build our regional and international networks both personally and professionally, offer quality continuing professional development. We invite you to be part of a unique occasion that enhances our relevance to the community and continues to strengthen unity across our profession through active participation and co-operation.

To achieve success, SEASC 2019 Darwin must address several important goals:

  • Attract people who are willing to engage, communicate and learn;
  • Create an environment of collaboration, friendliness and openness;
  • Deliver an outstanding international trade and innovation exhibition; and
  • Ensure a technical program that covers a variety of contemporary topics

Crucial to all of the above is a vibrant program that is interesting with technically relevant content covering an assortment of survey and spatial science disciplines. This will be achieved through a broad range of papers, presentations, workshops, posters, panel sessions, forums, meetings and tours.

To generate this we are now requesting all surveying and spatial professionals to submit an abstract. Your abstract could focus on contemporary technical challenges or projects that integrate our various disciplines, explore the fusion of disruptive technologies, propose creative solutions, demonstrate breakthrough innovation, and promote cross-disciplinary collaboration and learning. Some themes that have been considered are –

To cater for colleagues working in the academic and research sectors of our industry, SEASC2019 will offer an optional peer review process for technical papers. The peer review process will be overseen by Academic staff from major Universities across Australia and the region. For authors taking up this option, the paper will be reviewed by at least two reviewers in two rounds giving the authors the possibility to improve the paper so that it meets the peer review standard.

Of course, SEASC2019 welcomes authors not requiring peer review to also submit papers for regular presentation within the program.

If you have any queries please contact Britta Decker (our Professional Conference Organiser) here.

Rob Sarib
SEASC 2019 Darwin Convenor

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