Technical Program Speakers

Andy Barnicoat


Chief of the Positioning & Community Safety Division, Geoscience Australia


Andy Barnicoat is currently Chief of the Positioning and Community Safety Division with responsibility for Geoscience Australia’s programmes in geodesy, seismic and nuclear test monitoring, community safety (including the National Earthquake Alerts Centre) and observatories and laboratories. Prior to assuming this role, Andy was Chief of the Minerals and Natural Hazards Division. Andy joined GA in 2003, leading the Science programme of the Predictive Mineral Discovery CRC after a career in academia and consultancy in the UK. In 2018, Andy was elected as President of the Regional Committee of United Nations Global Geospatial Information Management for Asia and the Pacific (UN-GGIM-AP).

Brent A. Jones, PE, PLS


Global Manager, Cadastre/Land Records, Esri


Based in Washington D.C., Brent Jones oversees Esri’s worldwide strategic planning, business development, and marketing activities for land records, cadastral, surveying, and land administration. As a recognized innovator, Jones specializes in modernizing existing land administration systems and designing new GIS-based cadastral management systems for small and large governments globally. He is a member of the URISA board of directors, past president of the Geospatial Information and Technology Association and a current member of the United Nations Committee of Experts on Geospatial Information Management sitting on the Expert Group on Land Administration and Management. Established in 1969, Esri creates systems that drive all components of land and cadastral administration, including addressing, registration, taxation/valuation, planning, and development.

Caroline Morgan


Chief Executive and Secretary General, International Federation of Reproduction Rights Organisations (IFRRO)


Caroline has been Chief Executive and Secretary General of the International Federation of Reproduction Rights Organisations (IFRRO) since November 2016. Prior to that, she was the General Manager of Copyright Agency responsible for managing Copyright Agency’s relations with licensing clients, including education and government sectors. Caroline also managed VISCOPY, the Australian collective management organisation for visual arts.

Caroline is the past President of the Copyright Society of Australia (2006-2014). She was also Chair of the International Federation of Reproduction Rights Organisation’s (IFRRO), Asia Pacific Committee, and chair of IFRRO’s Legal Forum. Prior to her appointment as CEO, she was deeply involved in the work of the IFRRO community for many years.

Caroline has a BA and LLB from Sydney University and an MBA from the Australian Graduate School of Management (AGSM).

Dato' Sr Hasan Jamil


Principal, AJ Surveyors


Topic: “Cadastral Reform: The Malaysian Experience”
Joint presentation with Mohammad Azmi Mohd Zin

Dato’ Sr Hasan Jamil is the former Director General, Department of Survey and Mapping Malaysia (JUPEM). He has been with JUPEM from 1979 to 2017 and has served in various capacities in the States of Terengganu, Kelantan, Sabah, Penang, Selangor, Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur/ Putrajaya and JUPEM Headquarters in Kuala Lumpur.

He has vast experiences in all types of land surveying works and land development in Malaysia. This includes land and strata title surveys, land development, topographical surveys and mapping, engineering surveys, underground utility detection and mapping, satellite positioning and monitoring, photogrammetry and remote sensing, unmanned aerial vehicle, international boundary surveys and geographic information system.

He graduated with a Bachelor’ Degree in Land Surveying from University Technology Malaysia in 1979 and a Masters’ Degree in Geographical Information System from University of Edinburgh, United Kingdom in 1993.

He has been involved in various committees with regards to Malaysia geospatial data sharing and standardisation of geographic information since 1997. He is currently the National Chairman of the Technical Committee on Geographic Information/ Geomatics Standards in Malaysia and Fellow of the Royal Institution of Surveyors Malaysia. He is also the Past President of the Royal Institution of Surveyors Malaysia and former Chairman of the Land Surveyors Board Malaysia.

Currently he is a licensed land surveyor and the Principal of AJ SURVEYORS.

Dorine Burmanje


Co-Chair UNGGIM & Chair Executive Board, Kadaster


Dorine Burmanje is Chair of the Executive Board of the Netherlands’ Cadastre, Land Registry and Mapping Agency, in short: Kadaster. Her main focus is to position Kadaster at a national and international level as a partner in land registration and geographic information facilitating society; executed in close cooperation with relevant multi-stakeholders.

Her main areas of responsibility include the general management of the organisation, the positioning of Kadaster as an independent governmental body. The promotion of Kadaster as a partner in the GEO sector as well as further development of innovation. Mrs Burmanje is co-Chair of the United Nations Committee of Experts on Global Geospatial Information Management. She is a Board Member of the Dutch Centre of Geodesy and Geo-Informatics. Prior to her current position at Kadaster, she was the Director of the Rijn and Ijssel Waterboard.

About Kadaster

Kadaster plays a key role in safeguarding legal certainty in the property market. Ever since Kadaster was founded in 1832, it has been collecting information about the owners and locations of parcels of land. Kadaster delivered about 23 million digital products of information in 2018 as requested by notaries, local authorities, businesses, financial institutions, individuals and other interested parties. In addition, Kadaster has an active role in issues of land planning and demands regarding specific geo-information. The total turnover of Kadaster was € 264 million in 2018. The organisation has 2000 employees.

Gary Johnston


Head of the National Positioning Infrastructure Branch, Geoscience Australia


Gary Johnston, PSM (Public Service Medal) is the Head of the National Positioning Infrastructure Branch at Geoscience Australia.

He has a Bachelor’s Degree in Applied Science (Surveying and Cartography) and a Masters Degree in Applied Science (Information Systems and Technologies).

Gary’s professional career has focused on Geodetic Surveying, particularly the application of the Global Positioning System (GPS) to measuring the changing shape of the Earth.

In 2014 Gary was elected to the chair of the International Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) Service (IGS) Governing Board. The IGS is a technique service under then International Association of Geodesy. This service aims to produce GNSS related products and services for the global science community and society more generally. It is a collaborative service with participants from over 200 organisations globally.Gary is also the co-Chair of the Sub-Committee on Geodesy under the United Nations Global Geospatial Information Management Committee of Experts. This Sub-committee aims to enhance the quality and sustainability of the Global Geodetic Reference Frame by improving the participation of UN Member States from around the world. The Global Geodetic Reference Frame underpins all Mapping and Spatial data, as well as many Earth Monitoring programs, including efforts to monitor the long term variation in Sea level.

In Australia Gary oversees the Positioning for the Future Program. This program aims to provide positioning accuracies of several centimetres anywhere across Australia from GNSS technologies to support improved efficiency and safety in many industries, enhanced environmental management, and innovative societal applications.

Greg Scott


Inter-Regional Advisor, UN-GGIM, United Nations Statistics Division, Department of Economic and Social Affairs


Greg Scott joined the United Nations Statistics Division in early 2012 with the specific task of establishing the United Nations Committee of Experts on Global Geospatial Information Management (UN-GGIM) and growing its role and relevance with Member States and related International Organizations involved in national, regional and global geospatial information management. In his role as Secretariat, Greg provides strategic policy advice and leadership, and guides the development, coordination and implementation of the substantive content for the Committee of Experts, including its High-Level Forum’s, international technical capacity development workshops, and other international fora.

Prior to joining the United Nations, Greg previously spent 25 years in Geoscience Australia in several key roles delivering Australia’s national topographic mapping and derivative geospatial programs and providing independent scientific analysis and advice in the use of geospatial information for environmental management, emergency management, critical infrastructure protection, and lifeline network functionality.

Greg possesses formal qualifications in Cartography and Survey Mapping, has a Graduate Diploma in Geography from the Australian National University, and is now completing a PhD at the University of Melbourne’s School of Engineering.

Dr John Dawson


Section Leader, Positioning, Geoscience Australia (GA)


Dr John Dawson leads the Positioning Section at Geoscience Australia (GA). John is responsible for the development of Australia’s Satellite-Based Augmentation System (SBAS) that will improve the performance of GPS in the region. John is a satellite geodesist and was involved in some of the earliest measurements of glacial motion in Antarctica using GPS. His PhD research, undertaken at the Australian National University, was the first to observe and characterise Australian earthquakes from space using satellite interferometry.

John Whitehead


Director of Sales and Distribution, APAC


John Whitehead is the Director of Sales and Distribution, APAC, for Trimble’s Geospatial Division. He works with Trimble’s customers and distribution partners throughout the region delivering geospatial solutions utilizing surveying, laser scanning and spatial imaging technologies.

Prior to Trimble, John worked for the Lincoln Institute of Land Policy throughout Asia as a consultant in the field of land policy, public finance, and property rights.

He holds a Master of International Business from the Fletcher School of Law & Diplomacy at Tufts University.

Dr Karen Joyce


Senior Lecturer, Remote Sensing and Spatial Sciences, College of Science and Engineering, James Cook University & Education Director, She Maps


Karen has a a PhD in Geographical Sciences from the University of Queensland (2005) where she focused on mapping live coral cover using remote sensing. Using her remote sensing expertise, she has since worked as an Engineering Officer in the Australian Army, developed models to map recreation opportunities across New Zealand’s conservation estate, and integrated remote sensing into all phases of the disaster management cycle. She is heavily involved in developing workflows for integrating drone technology into remote sensing practice and has been working with drone based image analysis for five years.

While the environmental target may vary from marine and coastal through to savanna ecosystems, my common approach is to optimise remote sensing and spatial models for rapid quantitative information extraction and communication purposes. She is a Senior Lecturer in Remote Sensing and GIS at James Cook University in Cairns, Australia as well as the founder and Education Director of She Maps – an initiative designed to bring diversity to what we think of as science (i.e. it’s not just lab coats and test tubes!) and who engages with science as a career path (i.e. we need more women!).

Karl Rodrigues


Executive Director, International and National Engagement


Karl is the Executive Director for International and National Engagement for the Australian Space Agency responsible for developing relationships with International Space Agencies as well as engaging with Australian industry, start-ups, domestic agencies, research institutions and all state and territory governments to help grow the Australian space sector.

Karl has over 25 years of experience in innovation, venture investment, research, development and commercialisation of technology. Karl was Deputy Director for CSIRO Energy responsible for the Business Unit strategy, science investment and operations. He delivered science impact, leadership and direction to the Business Unit including the creation of the Hydrogen Future Science Platform to create a new energy security and export opportunity for Australia.

Prior to CSIRO, Karl managed Intel Capital ANZ where he invested in several Australian and New Zealand companies and also enjoyed launching a number of start-up companies in Australia and South-East Asia.

Karl holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Applied Computing Science from the University of Technology in Sydney, an MBA with Distinction from Griffith University in Queensland and is a Graduate Member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors.

Karl is passionate about innovation and start-ups and is an Adjunct Lecturer in Entrepreneurial Finance and Financing Innovation in the MBA programs for the Macquarie Graduate School of Management (MGSM) and the Sydney Business School (Sydney University).

Kellie Dean


Principal Surveyor and Business Unit Leader, Melbourne Survey Team, Spiire


Kellie is a leading advocate in the surveying and geospatial industry determined to enhance the profile and diversity of the surveying profession. Recently appointed as President of the Institution of Surveyors Victoria (ISV), Kellie brings a unique perspective based on her leadership experience in multidisciplinary consultancy businesses and involvement in some of Victoria’s most iconic property developments. She is also a member of the Women in Surveying Sub-Committee that is building a support network for women in the profession. This is an exciting chapter for both ISV and Kellie who currently heads up the surveying business in Spiire’s Melbourne office.

Matt Higgins


Manager of Geodesy and Positioning, Queensland Department of Natural Resources, Mines and Energy


Matt Higgins is Manager of Geodesy and Positioning in the Queensland Department of Natural Resources, Mines and Energy. He is a Member of the U.S. Position, Navigation and Timing Advisory Board, which advises the U.S. Government on GPS. He Co-Chaired a Working Group of the UN International Committee on Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS) and is past Vice President of the International Federation of Surveyors. Within Australia, Matt is President of the IGNSS Association, a Member of Australia’s National Positioning Infrastructure Advisory Board and an Honorary Fellow of Surveying and Spatial Sciences Institute.

Mohammad Azmi Mohd Zin, FRISM, FRICS, FCInst.CES, MAALS


Managing Director, Jurukur ESA Sdn Bhd & President, Royal Institution of Surveyors, Malaysia (RISM)


Topic: “Cadastral Reform: The Malaysian Experience”
Joint Presentation with Dato’ Sr Hasan Jamil

Mr. Mohammad Azmi Mohd Zin is the Managing Director of Jurukur ESA Sdn Bhd – a surveys and mapping private limited company in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. He has a BSc. (Hons) degree in Surveying and Mapping Sciences from the North East London Polytechnic in United Kingdom and a Master of Applied Science degree from University of Glasgow, UK with special interest in large scale topographic mapping, digital terrain modelling / digital elevation modelling (DTM/DEM), terrain contour matching, production of large topographic and relief maps.

He is a Registered and a Licensed Land Surveyor under laws of Malaysia Act 458 (Revised1991), a Chartered Surveyor and a Chartered Civil Engineering Surveyor, United Kingdom. He was a government surveyor mainly involved in 1:50,000 topographic mapping series for Semenanjung Malaysia, Sabah and Sarawak. Has served as Co-Project Director for the demarcation and surveys of the International Boundary between Sarawak/Kalimantan Barat, Indonesia. Upon completion of his contract with the government in 1996, he joined Jurukur ESA Sdn Bhd as a shareholder and director of the company. In his area of work now, he provides advise and solutions to clients involved in land and infrastructure developments with respect to land laws and regulations as well as cadastral surveys. Interests in cadastral surveying including strata titling only came quite late in his professional carrier, mainly due to demand to property and infrastructure developments in Malaysia. He provides consultations to many government linked companies, private companies as well as individuals seeking to establish their rights to land. Professionally, he is the President of the ROYAL INSTITUTION of SURVEYORS, MALAYSIA (RISM) for the Term 2018-2019, Past President of the ASSOCIATION of AUTHORISED LAND SURVEYORS (PEJUTA) 2010-2015, MALAYSIA and Honorary President of the ASEAN Federation of Land Surveying and Geomatics (AFLAG) 2015-2017.

Narelle Underwood


NSW Surveyor General & Director Survey Operations


Narelle Underwood was appointed the 25th Surveyor-General of NSW in 2016 – the youngest person in 200 years and the first female to hold the position. A major role within state government responsible for the leadership and regulation of the land and mining surveying profession. She is the President of the Board of Surveying and Spatial Information (BOSSI), Chair of the Geographical Names Board (GNB) and the Surveying and Mapping Industry Council.

Mrs Underwood is a strong advocate within the surveying and spatial information field, particularly for its future development as it intersects with innovation and emerging technologies. She is also an energetic mentor for young men and women entering the profession.

Dr Stefan Hrabar


CEO, Emesent


Dr Stefan Hrabar is the CEO of Emesent, a venture-backed startup which he co-founded in 2018 to commercialise the drone autonomy and LiDAR mapping research he was leading at CSIRO. He holds a PhD in Computer Science from the University of Southern California and an MSc in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Cape Town. He has more than 17 years of experience in the drone autonomy space including 13 years at CSIRO. He lead the development of Hovermap – a unique SLAM-based LiDAR mapping and autonomy payload which allows drones to map and explore challenging GPS-denied environments such as underground mines.


Deputy Director, Land Surveying, Housing and Development Board, Singapore


Loh Suat Yen serves as Deputy Director (Land Surveying) in the Housing & Development Board, Singapore. She held a Bachelor of Surveying with First Class Honours and a Masters in Geospatial Science with Distinctions from Curtin University, Australia. A Registered Land Surveyor in Singapore since 2003, she has 20 years of experience in GIS, mapping and surveying. Prior to her second career as a surveyor, she majored in Chemistry and Material Science at the National University of Singapore. Currently, she chairs the Singapore Institute of Surveyors & Valuers BIM committee and represents land surveyors on the Integrated Digital Delivery (IDD) Steering Committee, where she spearheads the development and implementation of IDD/BIM for land surveying in Singapore. She is also an adjunct lecturer for local diploma and undergraduate programmes.

Dr Tom Lewis OAM


Military Historian


Topic: The great air race in 1919 and how they navigated 18,000 km from England to Australia

A naval officer for 20 years, Dr Lewis served in Baghdad at the height of the Iraq war. Originally a high school teacher, he lectured at the Royal Australian Naval College and ADFA, and is in popular demand for radio, television, documentaries and public speaking. Awarded the Order of Australia Medal for services to history, he was the historian for commemorations of Albert Borella VC’s WWI service, and the 75th anniversary of the Top End air raids. The author of 14 books, his most recent – The Empire Strikes South ­– a study of Japanese aircrew casualties in WWII, is being joined by current research on USAAF service.


Senior Deputy Director, Land Survey Division, Singapore Land Authority


Victor Khoo is the Senior Deputy Director in Land Survey Division of Singapore Land Authority (SLA). He received his Ph.D. and Master of Engineering degree from Nanyang Technological University (NTU), Singapore and his Bachelor degree in Land Surveying from the University Technology of Malaysia (UTM). Victor is a Registered Surveyor; a professional surveyor, registered under the purview of Land Surveyors Act administered by Singapore Land Surveyors Board.

He has 8 years of research experiences in GNSS and Satellite Remote Sensing before starting his career in SLA in 2002. He works on diverse geospatial and mapping related subjects that include the capturing, management and dissemination of mapping information. His specific areas of interest include Differential GNSS, Cadastral Survey, 3D Mapping and Spatial Data Infrastructure.

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